My name is Annie and I may very well be the biggest aviation enthusiast you’ll ever meet. I also love writing, so I figured… why not merge those two loves? And thus was born: The Great Planes.

Aviation is in my blood.

My parents met as flight attendants on Eastern Airlines in the early 80s, and my dad spent more than 30 years in the U.S. Air Force, so I don’t think the evolution of this great passion of mine was at all surprising to my family and friends.

Come fly with me.

Airplanes FASCINATE me and I’m always eager to learn more about them and their inner-workings. I make my way out to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport a couple times a week to plane spot, which I document on Instagram.

So if you too are an aviation enthusiast, welcome… you’ll feel right at home here.

Looking for an aviation journalist?

I do freelance writing and would love to work with you. Contact me at thegreatplanesinfo@gmail.com for more information.